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  • Rough Life at Home

    Would you rather be an only child and be abused or live with a family of 10 siblings that hated you?

    View question · 371,031 votes
  • Everyone Can See

    Would you rather be naked in front of your whole family for 3 hours or run through downtown naked for 5 min?

    View question · 385,418 votes
  • Dreamboat Pandering

    Would you rather be married to Justin Bieber or be married to Harry Styles?

    View question · 539,122 votes
  • Your Partners Exes

    Would you rather know everything in your partner's past or know nothing from your partner's past?

    View question · 634,146 votes
  • You Look Familiar

    Would you rather meet your future self or meet your future kids?

    View question · 713,724 votes
  • No Time to Waste

    If you were about to die in 5 minutes, would you rather do everything you would want in those 5 minutes or call your family?

    View question · 693,426 votes
  • The Friend Game

    Would you rather Believe your friends like you or Know exactly what your friends think about you?

    View question · 764,704 votes
  • Supernatural Bachelor

    Would you rather be able to fly, but have no family or lasting relationships or not?

    View question · 890,716 votes
  • Moving Away

    Would you rather move away for 10 years from your family with no contact or live with your family for an additional 20 years after your 18?

    View question · 1,039,112 votes
  • Baby Photography

    If you could be embarrassed in one way, would you rather have your dad tell everyone about your potty training with pics or have your mum show your naked baby pictures to strangers?

    View question · 1,011,169 votes