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  • Eaten

    Would you rather Be disembowled by a Japanese sushi chef and served on a platter to Justin Bieber or Run through a pride of starving lions wearing Lady Gaga's meat dress?

    View question · 586,801 votes
  • Cutting Back

    Would you rather have your left leg be painlessly amputated and only be allowed to use a peg leg as a prosthetic replacement or have one of your toes be amputated with a dirty cleaver every year until you have none left?

    View question · 883,066 votes
  • You Pissed Off The Wrong People

    Would you rather be dissolved feet first in sulfuric acid. or have a (mafia) hit on your family?

    View question · 957,467 votes
  • Under Surveillance

    Would you rather be stalked by Slenderman or take part in one of Jigsaw's games?

    View question · 984,235 votes
  • A Girl's Pet

    Would you rather kill a 5 year old girl's puppy or kill old lady's cat?

    View question · 1,040,626 votes
  • Murder

    Would you rather kill 100 people or be hunted by 100 people?

    View question · 1,068,519 votes
  • Enemy Trade

    If you were a solider, would you rather kill 1 innocent person to save 1000 people or kill 100 enemy soldiers to save 1 innocent person?

    View question · 1,074,273 votes
  • Foot Pains or Headache

    Would you rather put a toothpick under each toenail and kick a wall or be scalped?

    View question · 922,668 votes
  • Using Your Force

    Would you rather have a conversation with Yoda for 10 minutes or punch Jar Jar Binks for an hour?

    View question · 1,129,984 votes
  • Growler

    Would you rather fight a bear or fight a lion?

    View question · 1,148,097 votes