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  • Bad Hygiene Habits

    Would you rather have to wash your hands every 10 minutes or only wash your hands once a month?

    View question · 390,415 votes
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop

    Would you rather be able to pop all of your pimples at once or be able to crack all of your joints at once?

    View question · 379,800 votes
  • One Star Motel

    Would you rather be stuck in a room with dead bodies or eat 5 spiders?

    View question · 637,898 votes
  • Don't Touch the Screen

    Would you rather Have your fingers always covered in BBQ sauce or Have your fingers always covered in Doritos nacho cheese flavoring?

    View question · 666,054 votes
  • Fashion or Function

    Would you rather be unable to shower for 2 weeks but have clean clothes daily or be able to shower daily for 2 weeks but unable to change your clothes?

    View question · 949,973 votes
  • Food for Thought

    Would you rather eat only chewed-up food from out of a toothless elderly person's mouth or eat only chewed-up food from out of a young chain-smoker's mouth?

    View question · 802,514 votes
  • Food For Thought

    Would you rather eat a chocolate covered turd or eat a turd covered chocolate?

    View question · 908,392 votes
  • Hobo Feet

    Would you rather kiss a hobo or lick someone's dirty feet?

    View question · 997,337 votes
  • A Harsh Licking

    Would you rather be slapped full-force by a UFC fighter. or forced to lick a dog turd.?

    View question · 1,006,145 votes
  • Foot Pains or Headache

    Would you rather put a toothpick under each toenail and kick a wall or be scalped?

    View question · 927,427 votes