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Pain & Suffering

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  • Two Grand Horrors

    For a $2,000 reward, would you rather stay overnight in a haunted asylum or go on a scary (but broken) roller coaster?

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  • Scrap Injuries

    Would you rather cut your hands with broken glass or lick rusty nails?

    View question · 625,402 votes
  • Insomnia

    When you go to bed at night, would you rather Have a deranged elf pour a bucket of water on you every 15 minutes? or Hear "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley play at 110 decibels for 3 minutes at a time, at random intervals??

    View question · 577,150 votes
  • No Time to Waste

    If you were about to die in 5 minutes, would you rather do everything you would want in those 5 minutes or call your family?

    View question · 702,327 votes
  • Bad way to go

    If you were at the end of the world,, would you rather throw yourself at lava or drown in the tsunami?

    View question · 467,708 votes
  • Safety in Solitude

    Would you rather get stuck in an elevator on your own for 53 hours or be the lone survivor of a bank hostage situation?

    View question · 858,974 votes
  • Tragic Survival

    Would you rather gone on the titanic and survived or been in the twin towers when hit and survived?

    View question · 870,784 votes
  • A Bit on Edge

    Would you rather pull all of your toenails out or pull all of your hair out?

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  • Minor Cheesy Suffering

    Would you rather constantly have a runny nose or constantly have Cheetos cheese-covered fingers?

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  • Saw VIII

    Would you rather have your stomach pulled out of your mouth or have your brain pulled out of your eye socket.?

    View question · 895,416 votes