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  • Smaller vs Taller

    Would you rather be 1 Foot smaller than you are right now or be 1 Foot taller than you are right now?

    View question · 399,439 votes
  • Moments!

    Would you rather relive a specifc moment or recreate a random moment?

    View question · 377,354 votes
  • Does life matters

    Would you rather be in jail for 60 years or die?

    View question · 411,116 votes
  • Thanks Obama

    Would you rather pay taxes but have free public services or no taxes but pay fully for services you need?

    View question · 369,282 votes
  • I'll sleep when I'm dead

    Would you rather live an extra 25 years or live a life without the need to sleep?

    View question · 427,266 votes
  • Super Decisions

    Would you rather have supernatural agility or have supernatural strength/intelligence?

    View question · 406,484 votes
  • My Side of the Tomahak

    If you were stuck in the woods, would you rather Have a tomahawk or Have a knife?

    View question · 446,394 votes
  • Just My Luck

    Would you rather always get caught in traffic or always have really bad internet?

    View question · 470,483 votes
  • Student Stereotype

    Would you rather be the student who always sleeps in class or be the student who always talks in class?

    View question · 647,692 votes
  • Insomnia

    When you go to bed at night, would you rather Have a deranged elf pour a bucket of water on you every 15 minutes? or Hear "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley play at 110 decibels for 3 minutes at a time, at random intervals??

    View question · 577,795 votes